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We carry a wide selection of quality lumber products for use in new home construction and home remodeling. In addition to our extensive line of in-stock lumber products, we have the ability to special order many unique and "hard-to-find" items. Our knowledgeable sales associates can help you choose the right lumber products for your project and budget. If you can't find the lumber products you are looking for, or have questions on lumber and materials, please contact us to inquire about your specific project needs.

Pressure Treated SYP

Available Sizes:

  • 1x4-12'
  • 1x8-12'
  • 2x4-8',10',12',14',16'
  • 2x6-8',10',12',16'
  • 2x8-8',10',12',16'
  • 2x10-10',12',16'
  • 2x12-12',14',16'
  • 4x4-8',10',12',16'
  • 6x6-8',10',12',16'

Special order widths and lengths available.

KD SPF Spruce

Available Sizes:

  • 2x4x92-5/8" 2&BTR Premium
  • 2x4x8' 2&BTR Premium
  • 2x4x104-5/8" 2&BTR Premium
  • 2x4-10',12',14',16' 2&BTR

  • 2x6x92-5/8" 2&BTR Premium
  • 2x6x8' 2&BTR Premium
  • 2x64x104-5/8" 2&BTR Premium
  • 2x6-10',12',14',16',20' 2&BTR

  • 2x8-8',10',12',14',16' 2&BTR

  • 2x10-8',10',12',14',16',20',22',24' 2&BTR

  • 2x12-10',12',14',16',20',22',24'

Special order lengths available.


Available Sizes:

  • 1x3-8',10',12',14',16'

Rough Cut Spruce Full Sawn

Available Sizes:

  • 1x4x16'
  • 1x6x16'
  • 1x8x16'
  • 1x12x16'
  • 2x10x16' Full Thick Rough
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